Faculty of General Medicine
Kalashnikova Svetlana Alexandrovna
Dean of the Faculty
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
400131, Volgograd, Fallen Bortsov Square, 1 (Main building, entrance 1, floor 5, room 5-09, reception from 14.00 to 17.00)
(8442) 53-23-41, 38-67-36, 53-23-30
Summary of our faculty
  • History

    Since 1935

  • Graduates
    4000 doctors
  • Annual graduates

    400-800 graduates annually

  • Terms of Education
    6- years education (Russian- English languages)
  • Professors

    538 professors

  • Type of education
    Full-time education only
The faculty of general medicine at Volgograd State Medical University is a huge, close-knit team of teachers and students that has been training general practitioners for more than 85 years.
Training in the specialty "General Medicine" is carried out at 49 departments, 24 of which administratively belong to the Faculty of Medicine and are part of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Medicine. A highly qualified teaching staff of 562 professors, associate professors, and assistants conducts training in the specialty. 81% of the staff of the departments of the Faculty of Medicine have academic degrees. The average age of the teaching staff is 42 years. High state titles and awards serve as indicators of our teachers' scientific merits.
Among the heads of departments and professors of the departments of the Faculty of Medicine, two are academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, six are Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation, and one is an Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation. The vast majority of teachers in clinical departments have the highest medical category.
Employees of the Faculty of Medicine are constantly improving their skills on the basis of leading research centers and universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities in Russia, as well as abroad (Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, and other countries).
More than 200 graduate students are currently studying in the theoretical and clinical departments of the faculty and will become a worthy replacement for the older generation.

About the faculty
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Timetable of the Faculty of General Medicine 2023-2024
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